The coordination office of the Hungarian Refernet project - that has been operated by the National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning – organized a consortium meeting in November 2017.The programme was meticulously planned; the presentations offered for partners a valuable overview on the process of VET and adult learning, about the role and tasks of Refernet and vocational education’s national and European priorities. 

         The Hungarian Parliament voted the amendments to the Act on Vocational Training (Act CLXXXVII of 2011) and the Act on Adult Education (Act LXXVII of 2013). The changes will make the system of vocational grammar school more flexible and more diverse, and a wider range of learning opportunities will be accessible. 

    New measures to boost key competences and digital skills, as well as the European dimension of education

    Brussels, 17 January 2018

    To follow up on the Gothenburg Summit, the European Commission has today adopted new initiatives to improve key competences and digital skills of European citizens, to promote common values and pupils' awareness of the functioning of the European Union.

    The new proposals come only two months after European Heads of State and Government discussed education, training and culture at the Gothenburg Summit in November 2017. They are intended to reduce socio-economic inequalities, whilst sustaining competitiveness in order to build a more united, stronger and more democratic Europe.

    For the future of the Hungarian economy and for the building of the work-based society one of the main tasks is the provision of quality training, the education of skilled workers, said the State Secretary for Labour Market and Training of the Ministry for National Economy on Tuesday, at Nagykanizsa.

    At the conference organised by the Ministry for National Economy, the National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning, as well as the Nagykanizsa Vocational Education and Training Centre, Péter Cseresnyés declared that there is a need to provide basic knowledge which may constitute the basis for lifelong learning.

    There is a need to provide competitive knowledge and skills, that is the reason why the trainings, the curricula and the institutional network have been changing, indicated the State Secretary.


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