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    • Why Budapest Is The 'Go To' City For Entrepreneurs

       In recent years cities like London and Berlin have been the destinations of choice for European entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the global stage. Now they are being nudged aside by Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

    • World unique investment in Hungary

      Hundreds of companies are interested in the ZalaZone, a  test field for automated  vehicles in Hungary. Up to now four companies have already concluded a contract. Mr. László Palkovics Minister for Innovation and Technology said: the first four buyers have already finished  testing the field, negotiations are underway with 300 companies, most of them are automotive producers, suppliers, telecommunication companies. 

      The minister emphasized: the test field built in Zalaegerszeg is outstanding in its  complexity and automated technologies.  This world unique automotive industry development was important for the BMW Group  when they decided to choose Hungary for their  new investment. 

    • Airbus simulator was delivered in the Csepel Technical Vocational Grammar school

      An Airbus A320 aircraft simulator and school educational laboratory supporting the study of  plug in hybrid and electrically driven vehicles were delivered in the Csepel Kossuth Lajos Bilingual Technical Vocational Grammar School  located in Budapest. 

      The vocational grammar school is affiliated to the Budapest Mechanic VET Centre and is countrywide the only institution where upper secondary VET programme exists for aircraft maintainer qualification.  The Airbus 320 simulator is a unique and up-to-date teaching tool in Hungary enabling students to use, for educational purposes, the cockpit with real instrumentation in the vocational programmes training aircraft mechanics and technicians. 


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