The ReferNet

    ReferNet – European network of reference and expertise in vocational education and training

    ReferNet - a structured and decentralised European network for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information related to vocational education and training. The network was established in 2002 by the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) with the purpose of collecting information which allows for the comparison of the vocational education systems of EU Member States, developments taking place in the Member States and applied professional policies.

    ReferNet provides information on the developments of vocational education policy and research, publications, conferences and other vocational education and training-related initiatives in the Member States, while the members of the network perform dissemination activities at national level as well.

    ReferNet consists of the national consortia established in the individual Member States, consisting of the representatives of the most important institutions – public administration bodies, social partners and research institutes – active in the field of vocational education and training. Each consortium is directed by a national coordinator who is responsible for the consortium and the satisfactory fulfilment of the network’s tasks.

    The network incorporates organisations with the shared interest of developing vocational education, training and learning opportunities. The network stimulates the exchange of information and supports the creation of partnerships. The network also provides an opportunity for the members of the consortia to expand their ties with other international organisations both within and outside Europe.

    The Hungarian ReferNet national consortium was established in 2004 by the Observatory Centre for Educational Development acting as the national coordinator. The network has since expanded with new members on multiple occasions. Since 2016, the Hungarian ReferNet national consortium has been operated by the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education.

    The members of the network assist the national coordinator in performing ReferNet activities by transmitting information for database development and reporting purposes and through peer-reviewing of ReferNet reports. Members have an opportunity to debate their current activities performed in the field of ReferNet tasks, as well as in their respective fields and that of vocational education and training at regular ReferNet sessions.



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