Investment in the future - a renovation programme worth HUF 10 billion is being launched at the vocational education and training institutions

    The establishment of a modern education environment constitutes the basis for quality vocational education and training, therefore the Ministry for National Economy is launching an infrastructure development programme of approximately HUF 10 billion at the  vocational education and training institutions, announced Mihály Varga at the National Opening Ceremony of the School Year of VET Institutions, held in Szolnok.

    The Minister for National Economy stressed that one of the most important tasks would be the development of the vocational education and training system of the country, aiming at supporting the efficiency and the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy. The Minister declared: in the field of employment the biggest challenge in Hungary is not unemployment any more, but increasing the number of professionals having appropriate qualifications and knowledge.

    As he said, the Hungarian economy is expanding at a remarkable pace, therefore there is a greater need than ever to have good professionals possessing practical knowledge. We have to establish a training system which is able to ensure that the students leave the institutions with usable knowledge, and which also prepares them for the adaptation to changes. It reinforces the students’ skills that enable them to get along in a constantly changing technological environment as well.


    Regarding the progress of the Hungarian economy, the Minister said that since 2010 more than 700 thousand new jobs have been created in Hungary, and in parallel the unemployment rate decreased to 4,2%, which is a record in the past quarter of a century. The number of persons in employment is constantly increasing, for more than four years and a half the growth in terms of real wages has also been unbroken, which has been particularly supported by the six-year wage agreement concluded in November last year, added the Minister.


    Mihály Varga concluded that in order to develop the vocational education and training system of the country, the Ministry has been taking steps this year to further extend the opportunities of those who opt for vocational education and training, to widen the scope of available knowledge and to adapt it to the needs of the economy, relying on a vocational education and training institution system which has already been functioning solidly and expanding.

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