Refernet national consortium meeting in November 2017

    The coordination office of the Hungarian Refernet project - that has been operated by the National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning – organized a consortium meeting in November 2017.The programme was meticulously planned; the presentations offered for partners a valuable overview on the process of VET and adult learning, about the role and tasks of Refernet and vocational education’s national and European priorities. 

    One of the main goals of the meeting was to exchange and provide information; promote Refernet’s network system, Refernet’s annual work plan.

    Gáborné Pölöskei, the Deputy State Secretary for VET and Adult Learning honoured  the meeting and gave a presentation  about the actual results of  Hungarian VET and adult learning, its direction and conception of development. 
    In his opening speech Attila Molnár the new Director General of the National Office of Vocational Education and Training and Adult Learning emphasized the importance of collaboration within consortium, the international cooperation and research.

    There were several consortium representatives undermentioned who actively participated in the programmes:

    • Ministry for National Economy, Secretary of State for Labour Market Affairs and 
    • Vocational Education
    • The Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development
    • Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    • The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture
    • Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists
    • Hermann Otto Nonprofit Ltd.
    • Hungarian Central Statistical Office –Quality of Life Statistics Department
    • University of Debrecen Faculty of Arts- Andragogy Department
    • LIGA Trade Union

    The National ReferNet project coordinator Judit Gömöriné Olasz introduced the Cedefop agency, the Refernet network, the aim and the importance of international collaboration, policy duties, the European vocational education and training policy development goals and their ways of execution. During presentation were highlighted the advantage of being an active participator in network and also that network members’ best practices, experiences, development processes, comparative analysis can be helpful for national decision makers.

    The priority theme of the meeting  was to present the  European public opinion survey on vocational education and training  launched by the Cedefop in 2016, that gives the chance for each country to overview vocational education from a new prospective. About the Hungarian aspects of this survey’ results Ildikó Modláné Görgényi, the National ReferNet expert gave a presentation.

    Through the reflection of different questions, came out the positive and negative impressions of vocational education in Hungary. For example “What does Hungarian know about VET? How do they gather, manage information and what they associate about them? What is the opinion about VET on national level, what are its benefits and who can take advantage of it?

    The presentations were followed by work team discussion. 

    Ildikó Modláné Görgényi, the National ReferNet expert led the discussion and the participants debated the following questions:

    • What consortium members define as result in Hungarian vocational education and adult learning? 

    • What needs would you identify in vocational education and adult learning based on your experience?

    • How we may disseminate VET more powerfully in Hungary?

    • What are your experiences about students’ practical knowledge? Do they learn skills that are needed in employment?

    • How do you assess the proportion of theory and work-related skills?

    • How we may equip teachers with the right skills?

    During the debate the consortium members’ opinion varied on several aspects but they agreed on the importance of dissemination, spreading information and sharing knowledge. The development of vocational education and adult learning might be supported by stronger collaboration.

    More information is available in English by clicking onto this link: Cedefop European public opinion survey on vocational education and training



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