The Cedefop

    Established in 1975, the task of the European agency of CEDEFOP – European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training – is the promotion of vocational education and training within the European Union. Initially based in Berlin, CEDEFOP was one of the first specialized and decentralised agencies to be established. Its directorate was relocated to Thessaloniki in 1995, while maintaining a liaison office in Brussels.

    The main purpose of CEDEFOP’s activity was to establish the grounds for lifelong learning and stimulate it throughout the enlarged EU. It performs this task through vocational education and training systems, related policy measures, as well as providing research and practice-related information and analysis.

    The Centre provides information in both electronic and printed form and seeks to bring the parties interested in the subject closer by hosting study visits, conferences and seminars. CEDEFOP's work consisting of information provision targets first and foremost the policy-makers active in the field of vocational education and training, researchers and practical experts both within and outside the borders of the EU.

    The organisation’s work programme and latest annual report are both available on the internet:

    H-1085 Baross street 52.
    Budapest, Hungary

    Phone: (+36 1) 477-5600


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